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Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance offers lifelong coverage. The policy does not expire as long as the premiums are being paid on time. With our customer-friendly plans you get a grace period on your first premium delay. The plans are designed according to your capital investment so that you are least likely to face defaulter situations. The premium is calculated to run sustainably. Our best life policy insurance will ensure that you get the best possible return for your premiums.

How it Works

The added benefit of whole life insurance plans is that they come with a cash value account. A part of your premium is stashed away to grow. This amount is tax-free and has a robust growth factor. However, you are not locked in for life for this part of your premium. When in need you can withdraw a part of this amount or take a loan against whatever amount has accumulated here.

A whole life policy is good for one lifetime as long as you do not miss out on premiums. You can withdraw the amount at the end of a term plan and close the account. You can also renew your term life policy at the end of the current term. With our flexible options you can also switch it to whole life insurance at any time. With our company you can opt for plans that need no medical exam for the upgrade.

Non-Participating Whole Life Insurance

This type has no dividend earnings so the premium is lower, it is simple with fixed death benefit and fixed costs.

Participating Whole Life Insurance

The premium is higher but you get dividends. Accumulated earnings pay dividends that can balance the premium or add to the insurance. 

Level-Premium Whole Life Insurance

You can pay higher premiums at the beginning so that you don’t have to keep up equally after retirement.

Limited-Premium Whole Life Insurance

Lifelong coverage for limited term premiums. The premiums are higher for shorter terms, ideal for prime earning years.

Single-Premium Whole Life Insurance

The simplest one-time premium option for those who can afford a lumpsum to invest. Pay once and be insured for life.

Indeterminate Premium Whole Life Insurance

Change the premium annually based on what you can afford according to your financial profile for the year. The payout changes accordingly.

Check with our advisers to know more about all the types of whole life insurance policy and choose the one that fits your payment convenience the best.

  • Suitable plans
  • Custom payment options
  • Guaranteed payouts
  • Smooth plan upgrades

Pros and Cons of Whole Life Plan

A whole life plan generally costs more other than in special cases where an injury or illness rider comes into effect but the payout is high and if you go with a performing plan you get dividends in addition to the payout.

Voice of Happy Customers

I am looking into the life insurance policies from many companies. So far my family and friends are recommending GrowShine. I have not taken a policy yet but I can vouch for their information and helpfulness. They are giving me all the information, not delaying anything, not vague, all clear.


I went for the simple non-performing whole life insurance plan and I am not gonna collect any of the payout. I know my money will be useful for my family. I found a good policy and I will make full use of it. Unless I need to I won’t even withdraw the accumulated amount.


My plan is running smoothly, I am getting more dividends than I expected. I had asked the policy providers about the average dividend I can expect towards the beginning and so far it has been more than what they promised. They don’t oversell and I love that.


I am covered for life and I am blessed that I have no issues paying the premiums but some places quote too high so be careful which insurance provider you choose. You can’t stay rich by giving away money without calculations and comparisons. I studied all insurance providers for four months and then decided to go with GrowShine.


Thank you for the guidance. I was so confused when I learned about all the different kinds of whole life insurance plans for the first time. But the patient financial advisors helped me and explained everything over time. I talked to them several days before making my choice. Don’t hesitate.

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Still Any Queries?

You can change the type of whole life insurance plan you have depending on the premiums you have already paid. You might not be able to switch to any plan but depending on your current plan you can scale up or down to some plans that are in sync with your current plan.

Whole life insurance is perfect for people who have loved ones to provide for after their death. If you don’t have any dependents and know that you won’t have any dependents when you are old, that is the only case when you don’t have significant benefits from a whole life insurance.