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Fixed Deferred Annuities

A fixed annuity helps you choose a certain amount of premium and payout that will remain constant irrespective of market trends or inflation. A deferred annuity is one where the principal amount is not taxed while it is growing. A fixed deferred annuity is therefore a simple tax-deferred annuity plan for those who want risk-free steady growth.

Features of Fixed Deferred Annuity

With a fixed deferred annuity plan you will be making sure that the principal amount grows long enough to give you a rich interest. You can choose how much you want to invest and also how long you want to defer. This option is the best plan to go for if slow and steady is your investment principle.

This is the best plan for those who want to let their capital grow steadily for a prosperous future. If you don’t want to take risks or deep dive into market index trends, you can live in peace with a fixed deferred annuity plan and let your principal amount grow without tax deductions. Here’s to understanding more about this plan.

Premium Payments

You can make your payments periodically or pay a lumpsum amount at once during the accumulation phase.

Interest Rates

Look for the best interest rates offered, make use of the competitive market of insurance. 

Tax Deference

Your interests are not taxed at source. You only have to pay a tax on what you withdraw.


In the distribution phase you can put the accumulated value in a withdrawal plan that will last for a lifetime or as long as it takes to exhaust the accumulated amount.

Periodic Withdrawals

You can withdraw the money at fixed intervals without annuitizing the plan, so you are making the withdrawals during the course of the plan.

Lumpsum Withdrawals

You can withdraw a Lumpsum of the accumulated value if you need. But this comes with taxes and might hurt the income guarantee.

With a fixed deferred annuity plan you get everything you need from a simple and secure investment. Give yourself the joy of the following benefits:

  • Lifelong income options
  • Tax only on withdrawal
  • Guaranteed results
  • Simple calculations

Pros and Cons

With a fixed deferred annuity plan you get tax deferred growth but you don’t have the option to fight the inflation rate. Your principal amount will grow as long as you keep paying your premiums but the value of the payout will keep decreasing every passing year. 

Voice of Happy Customers

I got myself a fixed deferred annuity plan from GrowShine. They helped me figure out how much money I should put in as the premium. I was going for too much but they helped me find a sustainable plan within my budget. The coverage is not bad.


After browsing all the types of annuity plans I went with the fixed deferred one cuz it saves tax deductions in growth and the plan is pretty straight forward and simple.


I recently took a fixed deferred annuity plan and I feel somewhat secure knowing this part is covered. I like to be in peace not having to look at the performance of my investments every week so I like this fixed deferred plan.


I like how the entire plan is chalked out right there month and year-wise so I could see the numbers right in front of me and make the right decision for myself. Factor in inflation and your future earnings to make the right decision for yourself. The financial advisors here help you with all the details.


I needed a simple plan so I went for a fixed annuity but my insurance agent told me about tax-deferred benefits so I went with the fixed deferred annuity plan. I did the math, it saved me a lot of money. Thank you GrowShine advisors.

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Still Any Queries?

You can upgrade your policy or change the premium and the coverage might change accordingly. Talk to your designated advisor about the best time to make an upgrade. 

A fixed annuity plan is definitely the simplest. But to save as much money as possible you should go for the fixed deferred annuity plan. Here your premium grows without getting axed by taxes.

The payment is not deferred, it is right on time. A fixed deferred annuity means the premium or your interest won’t be taxed during the growth period. The payment with any immediate plan starts from the very next payment cycle.