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Life Insurance

Check out various insurance providers and select the best life policy insurance for yourself. Our expert advisors will provide the guidance you need to make the best decision for yourself.

Life Insurance Types

It is scary to think about death, but it is inevitable and unpredictable. Thankfully, life is predictable and we have some control over it. You need to look at all your options and plan for your future needs. Opt for whole life insurance term insurance, long-term care insurance, or universal life insurance, whatever you need you can have. You can find out what the different types of life insurance plans exactly mean.

Once you know the different insurance types based on the premium payment mode and the payout receiving mode, you will know which type of life insurance policy you want to buy for yourself. Check out various insurance providers, compare all their similar plans, and select the best life policy insurance for yourself.

Term Life Insurance

When you pay a fixed premium for a fixed time period, you get a specific amount of money when the policy expires or as death benefit.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance offers lifelong coverage. The policy does not expire as long as the premiums are being paid on time.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is like whole life insurance, but with flexible premiums so that you can keep paying whatever amount is convenient for you.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long term care is meant to cover specific expenses like namely medical needs for chronic illnesses.

Term versus Whole Life

Term life insurance is cheaper, for a defined period of time without cash value benefits. Whole life insurance is lifelong, more expensive and has cash value benefits.

Term versus Long-term Care

Term life policy is for a specific period of time before end stage of life and long-term care policy is for assistance for old age or terminal illness cases.

Whole Life versus Universal

Whole life insurance comes with fixed premiums and fixed payout while universal insurance has flexible premium options and the payout varies according to the premium.

Universal versus Term

Universal insurance offers accumulated cash value for borrowing/withdrawal during the course of the plan, term life insurance does not.

Our service providers believe that our clients deserve the best. They will always help you choose the best life policy insurance for your premium capacity and payout needs.

  • Reliable guidance
  • Best value on investment
  • Hassle-free process
  • Optimum coverage

Service Benefits

With consistence assistance from our expert finance advisors our clients reap the benefits of all the opportunities insurance policies present. Custom plans, smooth plan switch, and prompt payouts are assured with Growshine.

Voice of Happy Customers

I went for the term life insurance plan and it is affordable enough for me. Worked out well for me. The payout is timed for 10 years, it is a good retirement plan. I personally would go for several term life policy options than a whole life insurance.


I feel very secure after starting this life insurance policy. Now I know for sure my family will be taken care of. The premiums are reasonable but they are not cheap. But the payout I opted for is high. So it makes sense. There are different plans for different premium ranges.


I am glad I went for the universal insurance plan. At first I thought they just wanted me to go for something complex I didn’t understand. But as a freelancer it really helped me keep up with my premiums during low earning phases. They really offered the term life policy quote that was right for my earning profile and turns out what I needed was not term life policy at all.


I needed immediate money for my daughter’s higher studies and thankfully I found this term life policy. I was worried how to pay the premiums but I got a good deal. I am blessed that I could afford it but the plan helped me make sure my money didn’t keep draining.


Getting the insurance helped me attain the peace of mind I was looking for. I didn’t know anything about life insurance but I got all the help I needed. They explained me both term and whole life insurance I took the time to compare all the plans and they did not rush me. I am very happy with my decision. Take such informed decision and you are set for life.

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Still Any Queries?

You can upgrade your life insurance term insurance or long-term care policy. You need to contact your agent or call client support and you will get the options available to you. You will get the same time and guidance you had when you opened your account. You can change your plans as per your needs.

The best option isn’t the same for all. It depends on how much premium you can afford and how much payout you need and when. Accordingly we can set you up with the best whole or term life policy quote. You can opt for immediate or deferred interests and flexible plans too with universal insurance.