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Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance comes with flexible premiums. The death benefits change accordingly. It is a smart choice because your income might fluctuate throughout your lifetime. If your primary income takes a hit, say you got fired, you won’t have to lose your insurance too. You can pay a smaller amount until you can pay more again.

How it Works

Cash value accumulation benefits apply to universal life plans. Like whole life insurance, borrowing from the accumulated cash value is tax-deferred. Although, withdrawing might incur a tax.

The flexibility is the biggest benefit of a universal plan. You can continue paying your premiums according to what you can afford. But it is best to put in the highest premium you can so that the death benefit does not suffer a hit. If you don’t continue putting less than the base premium too many times, your payout does not suffer.

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

A No-Lapse Guaranteed universal life insurance has fixed premium and fixed payout. The premiums don’t increase, hence, you won’t be a defaulter and your policy won’t lapse.

Indexed Universal Life Insurance

IUL has flexible death benefits for flexible premiums so that you can comfortably suit your budget changes. It also comes with a cash value factor that depends on market indexes.

Variable Universal Life Insurance

VUL allows a certain amount of flexibility on the premium. The death benefit varies accordingly. You can choose the sub-accounts for the cash value investments. 

Cash Accumulation Universal Insurance

Cash accumulation universal life insurance is good for those who want to generate a high cash value in a short time.

Current Assumption Universal Life Insurance

Current assumption UL insurance does not come with a guaranteed death benefit but with a credit rate based value. If you can keep up with the varying premiums your death benefit will not suffer.

If you are worried about being a newbie to life insurance plans you can always talk to our agents for the most reliable guidance and prompt service with:

  • Comprehensive information.
  • Best options.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Patient orientation.

Pros and Cons of Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance offers a lot of flexibility in terms of both, premium payments and cash benefit decisions. But it is complex so the policy holder needs to be vigilant of market indexes and their personal income to make sure the premiums are optimized.

Voice of Happy Customers

My universal plan was different at first and then I switched to a more flexible type. I am happy with the cash accumulation feature.


This might be the best financial decision I have taken so far and I am good with the stock market. Those who are familiar with market trends, don’t sit idle with a fixed insurance. Explore your options.


I love to play the field so I took universal current assumption plan. It is complex but not after you get familiarized with all the variables in the equation. You don’t have to be an expert, you just have to know the right people to guide you.


I am happy with my investments, looks like I made a good choice. I will get much higher payout for a similar premium my friend is paying with another company. For a similar plan.


I didn’t even know something like universal life insurance exists until I asked about flexible options. Growshine was one of the first companies to even mention this option and turns out this was perfect for me. I was looking for a more flexible version of a whole life insurance and this is exactly that.

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Still Any Queries?

You can upgrade your universal life insurance or long-term care policy. You need to contact your agent or call client support and you will get the options available to you. You will get the same time and guidance you had when you opened your account. You can change your plans as per your needs.

If you opt for continued guidance you will receive timely updates on the market indexes and premium recommendations so that you keep getting the best payout and cash value that your money can buy.