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Accident Illness Insurance

Everybody needs an accident insurance plan because it can happen to anybody, no matter how careful you are. You might be a rule follower and precaution-taker but accidents by definition can happen out of any unforeseen miscalculation. It need not even be your fault. But don’t worry. It does not happen most of the time. But on the off chance it does, you don’t want to be paying the extreme bills. Take our accident insurance quote and see how you can benefit from it.

Accident Illness Insurance Types

A sudden illness can turn out to be extremely draining and not just on our health. Personal finances take a big hit when we fall ill. This is why you need an accident and illness insurance instead of an accident only insurance

The lost work hours, hospital bills, recovery care… the list of expenditures in case of a sudden illness is huge. The best accidental insurance policy will include illnesses too. You need a combination of the two to be properly covered against huge unforeseen expenditures.

Accidental Death

Accidental death insurance is for your beneficiaries, your loved ones. It helps them get back on their feet after the loss of the breadwinner.

Accident Insurance

An accident insurance helps you stay covered for your recovery period and helps you with the medical expenditures too.

Critical Illness

A critical illness insurance plan is crucial for people of all ages since anybody can fall since and we deserve the best care when we do.

Hospital Indemnity

A hospital indemnity insurance will cover what a health insurance does not. You need all the help you can get.

Personal Injury Insurance

For any injury to the person, whether permanently disabling or temporarily incapacitating you deserve accident insurance support.

Workplace Accident Legalities

Why bear the burden of proving your innocence in your injury alone? Workplace accident legal fees insurance will have you covered.

Talk to our legal advisors and healthcare insurance advisors to get a clear idea about the best accident insurance and critical illness insurance plans for yourself:

  • Basic accident insurance
  • Accident and illness coverage
  • Online insurance plans
  • Legal advice

Service Benefits

An accident and illness insurance plan will help you get through the toughest times way easier than without it. It is best if you never need it but if you do, you will thank yourself for having it.

Voice of Happy Customers

My online accident insurance came in handy as I needed it within six months from the beginning of the policy. Thankfully there was no significant elimination period so I could claim the insurance for full coverage.


My accident and illness plan is a hybrid plan that has me covered for missing work beyond my paid medical leave. Had I gone for the accident only insurance I wouldn’t have been able to deploy the insurance for my chronic pain issues.


I have the best accidental insurance policy from GrowShine. I compared several accident and critical illness plans from various insurance providers. This one gave me full coverage even on a relatively minor accident even though I could still go to work within a week.


My mom’s accidental death policy saved our family. She was the sole breadwinner. We could not have managed the financial burden with the devastation of losing her. She is still looking out for us in ways we didn’t even know she had planned for.


I am lucky I had an existing accident insurance plan because I would have gone broke paying for all this myself. My health insurance coverage was not enough and being in debt was the last thing I needed while bedridden and out of commission for months.

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Still Any Queries?

If you have an accident only insurance it will cover medical costs that are related to an accident you were in after the duration of coverage began. To avail medical costs for an illness you need an accident and illness insurance plan.

Illness insurance plans cover critical illnesses or accident injuries that need intensive hospital care. It does not cover minor illnesses. But whatever illness you might need financial support to get through, will most likely be covered. 

An accident insurance plan is always beneficial. In case you never need it, you would be paying a small sum in premiums that you might be spending away anyway. But if you need the coverage even once, you will realize it is the best investment you could make.