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Fixed Indexed Deferred Annuities

Fixed indexed deferred annuity is a hybrid of different premium payments, pay rate plan, and payment mode options. It is one of the most popular plans on account of the controlled field-playing option and late payout for principal amount maximization. It is the perfect balance between stability and opportunity optimization.

Index and Deferred Factors

Although the range of loss or gain is fixed, this type of annuity depends on the market index up to a certain level. Indexed annuity insurance allows optimization of the return value based on the performance of some chosen assets.

The deferred factor saves extra expenditure on the premium by holding on to the payments for a certain time period to let the premium grow. Fixed indexed deferred annuity plans offer stability, growth opportunity, and maximizing principal opportunity all in one.


Anybody who can own property and has the capital to pay the premiums can apply for fixed indexed deferred annuity plans.

Age Factor

Though age is not a factor to be a policy holder, it is better to start young so that you can accumulate maximum wealth by investing during minimum inflation.

Income Factor

Depending on your gross income you can invest more or less money in a fixed indexed deferred plan.


It is best to invest an affordable amount and defer for as long as possible. This makes the money grow by a lot.

Plan Performance

A good return rate combined with a long defer period makes the interest worth the investment.

Market Index

People who study various market indexes regularly will benefit from a fixed indexed deferred plan because they know how to play the field.

This plan can be a little confusing in the beginning but our dedicated advisors don’t leave any questions unanswered. With this plan, you stand to benefit from every angle.

  • Massive wealth accumulation
  • Steady earnings
  • Risk appetite builder
  • Optimum payout

Pros and Cons

Fixed index deferred annuity plan might seem complicated initially but it is one of the best options out there. It is a plan for those who are willing to put in the effort and reap the benefits of a solid plan.

Voice of Happy Customers

I am happy with this plan, the returns are better than the predictions. They really didn’t sell me unrealistic goals with this. Very reliable predictions and I am getting my money’s worth.


I never thought I could need an annuity plan so I never looked into it but then I saw the option for a fixed index deferred annuity and it looked like a good investment option. Instead of having my money just sitting there to be spent, I invested it here so that it grew a bit but it was not locked into some investment plan without access.


The financial advisors at GrowShine not only helped me with the annuity insurance plan but also with the market indexes and high performing assets. Their guidance secured me a very good financial plan.


The fixed index deferred annuity plan I took grew more than I expected in the first six months and now I will start getting the payments soon. The index is at an all-time high and it turned out to be a very good investment for me.


I know this is the best plan to go for. It is actually simple once you get the working. Though I knew how it worked I let the financial advisors explain it to me from scratch just to be sure and they were very thorough with it.

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Still Any Queries?

Switching a specific custom plan is tricky. We make sure you are on the plan that will be beneficial to you after careful consideration. So if we recommend this plan for you, you can rest assured that you will get the results you want and won’t want to switch it.

Fixed index deferred annuity insurance is tax-deferred. You won’t be charged a tax on your growing money. But there might be a tax on the amount you withdraw.

This plan has a good growth potential as long as you know which assets to choose. We help you find well-performing assets that stay steady in the market. Also, the longer you defer payments the more the money grows. It is not a scheme with the most growth potential but it is a good plan where your money grows at a decent pace without extreme risks.