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Hospital Indemnity

The average health insurance does not cover every expenditure one might need. An additional hospital indemnity insurance helps with the extra expenditures. You can use both, your health insurance and the hospital indemnity plan for the same bills. They will apply to different parts of the bills.

Is Hospital Indemnity Coverage Worth It?

If your regular health insurance does not guarantee coverage for all kinds of necessary medical procedures, you need additional assistance. Especially if you have a chronic illness, or are expecting surgery soon but aren’t in immediate need, hospital indemnity coverage includes whatever crucial expenditure the health insurance won’t cover.

People with diabetes, liver problems, heart problems, and so on count for chronic illness care. If you are planning on getting pregnant and want to go for a c-section, this plan will make sure you can afford it. You also get coverage over your health insurance claims as a supplementary.

Payment Time

You can pay a one-time sum for a hospital indemnity policy. Your premium depends on the coverage amount and duration you need.

Coverage Duration

The coverage for a short-term plan starts almost immediately. If you have an emergency surgery scheduled you can get hospital indemnity insurance for the very next day


You can get hospital indemnity for an individual or family members in a floater plan depending on your health needs.

Supplementary Cover

You can use hospital indemnity along with your regular health insurance, it is not an either/or situation.

Talk to our healthcare insurance advisors to determine which hospital indemnity plan fits you best for your specific health issues:

  • Supplementary coverage
  • Complete payment
  • Immediate payout
  • Specific coverage

Pros and Cons

Hospital indemnity insurance is very beneficial for anybody in need. Especially because it provides coverage for specific cases. You can get it for a short term for exactly what you need. However, depending on your needs the premium might be a little steep.

Voice of Happy Customers

My hospital supplementary insurance helped me get through both my surgeries thanks to the extensive plan. The premium was high but if I did not have this supplementary I would have been paying way more for my surgeries and there is no way I could have afforded that as I am out of commission during the recovery period.


Thankfully the GrowShine hospital indemnity insurance covers a range of hospitals and I found the plan applies to the hospital I trust the most. My regular health insurance recently got cut off from the hospital where most of my doctors work. I used the hospital indemnity to cover most of my costs.


My extensive coverage helped me with not only hospital bills but with the tests and medication bills too. I am going to use this plan for every hospitalization from now on. I am planning to get on the floater plan so I can add my husband to this plan.


I took a short-term hospital indemnity insurance for my hip surgery and it really helped. I knew my health insurance wouldn’t provide complete coverage. The supplementary reduced my out-of-pocket expenditure by seventy percent.


Thank goodness I took GrowShine hospital indemnity plan. Without it, I could not have been able to pay for the c-section without taking out a loan or breaking a fixed deposit. I was a little worried whether the coverage would come through as I had taken the plan less than a week before but it came through.

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Still Any Queries?

You can get yourself a hospital indemnity insurance plan anytime you want but without health insurance, it might not give you all the coverage you need. Similarly, your health insurance alone does not ensure low expenditures on your end. The hospital indemnity package acts as a supplementary boost to your health insurance to ensure minimum out-of-pocket charges.

Yes, hospital indemnity coverage includes critical injury or serious illness treatment. Surgery due to a major illness, complex treatment following a terrible car accident, surgery due to a sports injury, you name it, your hospital indemnity plan will cover it.

No medical insurance covers procedures that are not necessary for survival or improvement of quality of life in terms of functional capability. Hence, hospital indemnity insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures. It only covers hospitalization costs for procedures that are crucial for your physical health.