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Term Insurance

When you pay a fixed premium for a fixed time period, you get a specific amount of money when the policy expires or as death benefit. This is called term life insurance. It is not tax-saving but it is affordable and simple. There’s no cash value angle in a term life policy. The money can only be withdrawn one time, at the end of life or when the policy matures.

How it Works

Term life insurance provides coverage for a limited time. You can renew your plan or withdraw the amount at the end of your current plan. If you want an insurance policy that does not commit you for life you go for term life policy.

Based on the age of the policy holder, women might have lower premiums for the same benefits because they have a higher life expectancy, therefore, likelier to pay more number of premiums than men.

Increasing Cover

If you can’t pay a huge premium from the beginning you can gradually increase the premiums for a payout that will cover the inflation gap.

Decreasing Cover

If you predict your coverage needs to decrease during the course of the policy, you can go for decreasing cover option so that you have to pay lower premiums as well.

Premium Waiver

With a waiver of premium rider you can be covered throughout the term without paying any more premiums in case of an incapacitating illness or accident.

Life-Stage Benefit

If you are expecting more dependents later you can opt for life-stage benefits where the coverage increases when you get married or have kids.

You can expect the best service from our term life insurance providers. Sign up for the best term life policy for yourself with the help of:

  • Flexible premiums
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Pros and Cons of Term Life Benefits

Term life policy premiums are much lower than other life insurance premiums. The premiums don’t last forever and the payout helps you and your loved ones. However, you cannot get a loan against your term life insurance plan and there is no accumulated cash to withdraw occasionally.

Voice of Happy Customers

I have been looking at various insurance providers for a reasonable term life policy quote and this one turned out to be the best for me. Research for at least a few weeks before you make your decision. I am happy with my decision.


I am glad this term life insurance plan exists because I could not have afforded whole life insurance coverage at this age. Now I know I can afford a life insurance that will help my family after I am gone. I have applied for premium waiver rider as well just in case my life turns out shorter than I expect.


I went for the term life insurance plan and it is affordable enough for me. Worked out well for me. The payout is timed for 10 years, it is a good retirement plan. I personally would go for several term life policy options than a whole life insurance.


I needed some extra money for my son’s wedding and my advisor told me to invest in term life insurance instead of taking out a direct loan. And that was the best advice ever. Now the insurance plan helped me pitch in for his new family as well. He is settled but I am happy to be able to offer.


My term life policy helped me pay for my own tuitions. I can proudly call myself a self-made man cuz I paid for my own education with my own salary. Was only possible because of this 10-year term life plan.


Still Any Queries?

If you need a chunk of payout after a decade or two decades or if you have extra expenditures that will last a while but not forever, term life insurance is better because it is cheaper and simpler. If you don’t need to withdraw from an accumulating amount or borrow against it, you should totally go for a term life policy.

The average life expectancy of a woman is higher than that of a man. An aged woman is more likely to make all her premium payments. The chances of a senior male client making all their premiums is lower so in order to get the entire payout, the amount of each premium is slightly higher.