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End of Life Care Insurance

Planning for end of life care is a sensitive issue. As much as we would want to avoid thinking about it, we cannot dodge it. With the help of a sensible and patient end of life care agent you can navigate this task with ease.

Stages of End of Life Care

If you are a relatively healthy older person your premiums will include the basic amount. If you have a terminal illness your plan will need a palliative care upgrade. At this stage the costs can change depending on the level of custodial end care of life you require every day.

End of life support stages very depending on the person and the illness. Terminal illness or not, we make sure our clients get the assist they need at every level. End of life respirations to round-the-clock custodial care can be expensive. We plan the resources for maximum payout potential.

Palliative Care

Chronic illness and multiple complications need not mean the end of all hope. Our palliative care support helps you see through all your medical care options.

Hospice Care

We make the last few months comfortable with the best aid for clients at the final stage of their end of life plan.

Final Expenses

The death of the client is not the end of our responsibilities. Our funeral expense insurance ensures the best funeral the client and family deserves.

Will and Asset Allocation

After the final expenses we also take care of the client’s wishes and their loved ones even after they’re gone.

End of Life Respirations

We prioritize end of life respirations, hospice care, and the person’s comfort during life.

Long-Term Care

Terminal or not, in need for palliative assistance or not, we take care of our clients long-term.

Stage Switches

Our coverage switches between end of life care stages because life itself isn’t linear. If our client gets better even from hospice, they are covered.

Resource Allocation

We make sure there are enough resources to make the switch to the next predictable stage by optimizing the expenses at every stage.

Your investment portfolio will determine how much of that required coverage you qualify for. Your plan costs might even vary within itself depending on which end of life care stages you hit.

  • End of life care without terminal illness
  • Palliative care
  • End of life respirations/hospice
  • Final expenses

Service Benefits

With consistence assistance from our expert finance advisors our clients reap the benefits of all the available end of life care facilities. With us you will get plans tailor-made for your profile and the best return on investment.

Voice of Happy Customers

I am thinking of taking an end of life care stages insurance policy but I am not sure. But the advisors here are helping me so much to figure out what I want that I feel like writing a review even if I don’t take a policy. If you want their expert advice for knowledge totally go for a consultatation.


I am relieved that I finally have an end of life plan that I can bank upon for my palliative and hospice phases. The financial aspect of illness is huge and I am so relieved it is taken care of now and I can focus on the last few months of my life. Right now I don’t even feel scared how short and especially how long it might be because I have a plan insured for me.


The final expenses were all taken care by the insurance and I am so glad that despite all the expenses we had for years I could give my grandpa the funeral he deserved. They let us opt for all the benefits we needed to make sure he was comfortable in life and death.


All the worries I had about my last years are now sorted because I chalked out the most detailed plan possible with the most reliable insurance provider. Knowing what you need and what can happen is very important. The advisors were detailed in their communication. I have everything sorted from end stage care to funeral expense insurance.


I am thankful for Growshine because without them I would not have been able to give my mother the best care during her most difficult months. Their end of life care services are generous.

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Still Any Queries?

We work with you to determine who shall be in charge of your life and your death when you are not capable to speaking for yourself. The people who take care of you is the most important part of end of life care planning. You need to find people who will take care of you when you are helpless and honour your wishes in death.

Once you have discussed all of the necessary details, from end of life respirations or resuscitation protocol to whether you want to be buried or cremated, you can happily forget about death and never think of it again if that’s what you want. The information, down to the detail of the type of urn you want and the guest list or ban list at your funeral, will all be safely stored in our records for retrieval when it is time.

The cost of your end of life plan will depend on the specific factors in your profile. Your health profile will determine how much coverage you might need and how likely you are too exhaust your allowance. Your investment portfolio will determine how much of that required coverage you qualify for. Your plan costs might even vary within itself depending on which end of life care stages you hit.