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Variable Deferred Annuities

This option is chosen by clients with the maximum capital to invest. If you have assets you won’t need to use in the near future and a knack for calculated risks, this is the plan that will give you the best return on investment. Variable annuity can be risky but not when you invest with our advice in mind.

Understanding Variable Deferred Annuity

You can talk to your financial advisor about the features of the variable deferred annuity plan you get. Discuss your risk appetite, capital, and payout needs to figure out if a variable plan is good for you. Calculate how long you need to defer the payments to get to the growth potential you desire.

This is the best plan for those who want to play the field and take some calculated risks to make the most of the market index. We will help you out with your investment portfolio. Our finance advisors will help you throughout the course of your plan to make the best decisions.

Flexible Pay

Your payout varies according to the market index. While you need to know it can go down sometimes, our chosen portfolios generally perform above the market average.

Interest Rates

The interest varies according to the performance of your portfolio in the market and we help you optimize it.

Tax Deference

You get the advantage of tax-deferred growth with a variable deferred annuity insurance plan.


Your variable deferred plan might come with a small fee that goes towards the research invested in choosing your portfolio. But you remain the winner because we choose well.

Periodic Withdrawals

Variable deferred annuity usually does not come with the option to make periodic withdrawals from an accumulated cash value.

Withdrawal Fee

You might be able to withdraw out of turn with a small withdrawal fee to balance the gross payout.

If you choose our variable deferred annuity plans you will get consistent assistance with your portfolio and benefit from the knowledge of market experts.

  • Growth potential optimization
  • Tax deferred growth
  • Safe bets
  • Consistent support

Pros and Cons

With a variable deferred annuity plan, you get tax-deferred, tailor-made investments for your needs. There is a guaranteed death benefit. But you also have surrender fees for early withdrawals.

Voice of Happy Customers

My variable deffered plan is working better than my fixed deposits. Had I known better before I would have put more in these annuities. The next investment I make I will go for a variable annuity again. I get to invest and play the market and I get an assured death benefit which I know will be good enough if I play my cards right.


I checked out some annuity investment plans and liked the variable deferred annuity plan from GrowShine cuz I like their safety cap feature and their agents were the most responsive to my queries. They didn’t try to push a plan on me or coax me into investing like most insurance companies do. They only told me what I asked and that is helpful for me.


I invested in a variable deferred plan recently and I must say, my annuity insurance agents were very helpful. They explained everything to me in detail and not just that. They repeated what I didn’t understand as many times as I needed them to. This gave me the confidence to invest and so far it has been great.


My variable deferred annuity plan kicked off well and it is doing very well. I was a little apprehensive in the beginning because I was not very familiar with the portfolios and all but right now I love where my gains stand.


I am good with the market, it is my job, so when I recommend people to go for variable annuity it is because I trust it enough to invest my own money in it. GrowShine’s advisors were very up-to-date with current market trends. They will offer the right guidance to those who need it.

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Still Any Queries?

You can upgrade your policy or change the premium and the coverage might change accordingly. Talk to your designated advisor about the best time to make an upgrade.

Whenever your investments depend on the performance of your market portfolio there is a risk but we help you choose wisely so that your risks are minimal and the growth potential is much higher.

The payment is not delayed, you get your payments when scheduled. A variable deferred annuity means the premium or your interest won’t be taxed during the growth period. The payment will start when you have scheduled it to start on your agreement. No delays on that.